Ensure your customer, counterparty, and vendor data is accurate, complete, and up to date

Inaccurate or incomplete data can mean missed opportunities, compliance risks, confusion, frustration and poor decisions. Map together and synchronize entity data sources so the organization has a single view of clean, accurate data and can quickly and effectively act on that information to facilitate sales, mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

Data Cleansing Cycle

  • Import Data
  • Merge Data Sets
  • Rebuild Missing Data
  • Standardize
  • Normalize
  • De-duplicate
  • Verify & Enrich
  • Export Data



  1. Align internal entity databases quickly and cost-effectively
  2. Improve access to and accuracy of entity data
  3. Facilitate sales
  4. Accelerate customer and third party onboarding

How Data Cleansing Works

Through our Concordance service, you provide us with a file of entities from one or more of your internal data silos. Opus will match those entities across the databases of all the premium data vendors to which you are licensed. Opus will identify missing and incorrect data as well as append all of the premium data included in your vendor subscriptions.

Preview of Concordance Solution from Opus. Cleansing, matching and deduping multiple records from different sources into a single source.