Customer Margin Requirements

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Rule 4210 describes the margin requirements or amount of collateral customers are expected to maintain in their margin accounts, including strategy-based margin accounts and portfolio margin accounts. The rule covers margin requirements for equity and fixed income securities, along with options, warrants, security futures, TBA transactions, Specified Pool Transactions and certain forward transactions involving collateralized mortgage obligations (collectively, Covered Agency Transactions).

Meeting margin requirements requires identifying and classifying customers in-scope for this regulation, determining the data and documentation required to demonstrate compliance and collecting that information. When that information is distributed across isolated systems, departments and geographies, customer data is duplicated, inconsistent and outdated. Consequently, banks struggle to uniquely identify customer records.  They need to be able to cross-reference and map customer data across their multiple systems.

Compliance Made Easy

Opus Reference Data facilitates the cross-referencing and mapping of customer data across multiple systems and can enrich customer account records with relevant risk factors to allow banks to determine collateral requirements. Learn more