• The Challenges of Cleaning, De-Duping and Cross-Referencing Legal Entity Databases

    Doing business in today’s world requires working with legal entity data from multiple sources, including data vendors, exchanges, regulators, rating agencies and LOUs. As a result, companies are finding it difficult to keep a golden record of information to support their compliance and risk management needs. High-quality data is the foundation of good business, but […]

    • March 4, 2019
    • Kelvin Dickenson
  • The Future of KYC: How Banks Are Adapting to Regulatory Complexity

    Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations are a critical cornerstone of the world’s financial system, protecting it from being abused to conceal the proceeds of crime and corruption or the funding of terrorist activity. But as any compliance and risk team will attest to, KYC requirements are complex, with significant geographical differences, and evolve far too […]

    • February 8, 2019
    • Kelvin Dickenson
  • Periodic Table of Bank Regulations and Finance

    Financial regulations continue to morph and grow in complexity across the US, UK, EU and Asia. If you have trouble keeping up, you’re not alone. In the Periodic Table of Bank Regulation and Compliance from Opus, we catalog and summarize the key AML/KYC rules from around the world. The interactive table features key facts, who […]

    • January 28, 2019
  • 5 AML Risk Lessons from 2018’s Major Financial Crime Scandals

    Financial services institutions have three main concerns for the year ahead: the costs of compliance, potential reputational damage and regulatory fines. Rapidly changing Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, from the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (5MLD) to FinCEN’s CDD Final Rule, have placed more stringent requirements on global banks. Meanwhile, associated data choices – from external […]

    • January 21, 2019
    • Kelvin Dickenson
  • FinCEN is Here- Are You Ready?

    Know who you are doing business with: a simple concept that should be easy in an age when there is so much information at our fingertips. But the Panama Papers and the more recent Paradise Papers showed us this is far from true. These two data leaks exposed a world of shell companies, offshore accounts, […]

    • May 9, 2018
    • Kelvin Dickenson
  • Data Management: How to Use Your Company’s Biggest Asset to Reduce Risk and Drive Business Results

    Customer and Vendor data is the lifeblood of your business. It’s a company’s greatest asset — but can often be its greatest weakness. From identifying new sales opportunities to assessing the overall risk exposures within business – the opportunities are endless, and artificial intelligence is pushing the possibilities even further. However, it’s impossible to make […]

    • May 3, 2018
  • 5 Must-Know Data Regulations for 2018

    It’s hard to believe the long-awaited FinCEN Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Rule is upon us. May 11 is just around the corner, and as financial institutions work to prepare, one thing is clear: it will be nearly impossible for businesses to avoid regulatory change this year. In the worlds of data and finance, change is […]

    • May 2, 2018
    • Carol Ann Thomas
  • What We Learned at RegTech New York: 3 Key Themes for Financial Institutions

    2018 is almost here, along with several much-anticipated regulations. Though it can be complex, technical, and let’s face it, sometimes even a little dry, compliance isn’t something that can be overlooked. In November, the Opus team had the opportunity to attend the 2017 RegTech New York Summit, a sister conference to RegTech London. It was […]

    • December 20, 2017
    • Carol Ann Thomas
  • Regulations at Odds: How Firms are Reacting to Potential MiFid II and GDPR Conflicts

    The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II  (MiFID II) goes into effect in January 2018 with an emphasis on transparency to help protect investors. But in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) also goes live with its own strict requirements and penalties regarding data privacy. This year, the scope for penalties is significantly […]

    • December 6, 2017
  • Bank Secrecy Act Compliance: Lessons from the Lone Star Bank AML Violation

    Earlier this month, Lone Star National Bank in Texas was fined $2 million for failure to meet Bank Secrecy Act anti-money laundering requirements from 2010-2014. The U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) determined that Lone Star willfully violated Bank Secrecy Act requirements after taking on a Mexican bank as a customer. Over two […]

    • November 17, 2017
    • Kelvin Dickenson
  • RegTech London Reveals that KYC and GDPR are Top Regulatory Concerns for Financial Institutions

    This October, Opus attended the RegTech Summit for Capital Markets, a one-day event for practitioners of regulatory change organized by the A-Team Group. The COOs, CDOs, CTOs, and heads of regulatory reporting, compliance, and data operations gathered at RegTech London learned about new approaches to regulatory change and innovative technology solutions for today’s regulatory challenges. […]

    • November 7, 2017
    • Ben Gould
  • Life beyond 4MLD

    Emma Mills Chief Operating Officer C6 Intelligence Group The Fourth EU Money Laundering Directive (4MLD), which was enacted on 25 June 2015 and went into effect on 26 June 2017, is one of the most significant anti-money laundering (AML) legislations in Europe in recent history. The Directive was created to improve consistency of AML rules […]

    • September 22, 2017

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