A-Team’s Data Management Summit a hit!

Last Thursday Opus had the good fortune to attend the Data Management Summit in downtown NYC. The event features data management professionals discussing industry trends, innovation drivers and new product and services.

Peter Jackson (no not that one) from Group Data Sciences got the show off on the right foot with an interesting talk on data driven transformations and the progression from technology transformations to digital transformations and now to data driven transformations. Peter polled the audience about getting data from a co-worker, manipulating that data and then passing it along to other co-worker as an illustration of how inconsistent data is spread about your company.

Tony Brownlee of Kingland later delivered an interesting look into Natural Language Processing (NLP) and categorizing words in unstructured text as people or events or organizations, etc. and then making the stories searchable by those specifics. Highlighting different classification with different colors was an interesting and useful touch. Tony also emphasized that structured text originally comes from unstructured documents.

The next presentation delivered by Edgar Zalite of Deutsche Bank described knowledge graphs or semantically connected data that are used by Google to create the infobox you see now when doing searches:

An interesting fact Edgar presented, is that when Google started posting the infobox content, gleaned from Wikipedia, traffic to Wikipedia dropped 21%. Edgar then outlined the keys to implementing a knowledge graph such as start small, show results early and add sources one at a time.

All in all, an interesting conference for we data nerds. I’ll be there next year, A-Team puts on a great show!

Steve Ortman
Vice President, Head of Data Solutions